Cell Phone Policy

In order to enhance and improve student engagement in class, starting this semester the 8th grade content (math, ELA, science, social studies) teachers are instituting a new cell phone policy within our classrooms. Upon walking into the room, students will turn off their phones and place them in a central location. They may choose to keep their phones in their locker. Should the phone be seen or heard during these classes, we will follow our school-wide cell phone policy (see below) and document the infraction.

1st offense = student warning by revisiting classroom expectations

2nd offense = teacher confiscates device and returns to student at the end of the period

3rd offense = device is confiscated and taken to the Attendance office for after school pick up

4th offense = the issue will be turned over the Behavior Support team

Students will not be able to respond to texts during classes. If you need to contact your student during instructional time, we invite you to contact the office. We encourage communication with your child to happen during lunch when they are allowed to use their cell phones.

This updated policy will help prepare your student for the cell phone policy at the high school.


Drew Reinhardt