Share to Classroom

If you use a lot of web pages for your students then you NEED Share to Classroom by google. It makes sharing a website incredibly easy!

Visit the site you wish to share, click the extension, choose your class, create an assignment/ask a question/make announcement, click PUSH and your done!


So you've found some great extensions! Awesome...except you have so many that you can't seem to find them when you need them. EXTENSITY is the solution for helping keep track of those awesome extensions. Check them out ON THE CHROME WEB STORE.

Checker Plus for Gmail and Calendar

This is an excellent extension for viewing your Gmail and Calendar quickly without changing tabs. It will notify you of new emails and also keep a badge count of emails and your next calendar event...all right in the extension dock at the top of the Chrome Browser. Check it out!

Save Pinned Tabs

Trust should use the 'pin tabs' feature in Chrome...and extend that trust will want the extension Save Pinned Tabs by jmakila

Accidentally close Chrome? No problem!

Needed to restart your computer? No problem!

Chrome Capture

This is a great tool for taking screen shots on the internet. Give them a try HERE!

Extension Suggestions

If you have a favorite Chrome Extension you like, or can't find what you're looking for...Drop me a line!